Some Light Home Remodeling

You would think that when I was done with the house in Conservative Hell, that I would have been done remodeling things.   Today I find myself working in my mothers kitchen.

Her house was built before microwaves were commonly used, so that meant that all her cabinets were designed without the use of a microwave in mind.  When an over the range microwave showed up for Christmas, it wasn’t a simple matter of taking the range hood down and replacing it with the microwave/vent/light combo.   Instead I found myself down in the workshop hacking 3-inches off the cabinet and reworking it so the microwave would sit over the stove at a height at a distance so that pots and pans could be used.

The cabinet when I started?  18-inches tall, when I finished, 15-inches.  That 3-inches makes a world of difference.  Instead of hanging below the base of the side cabinets 4 or 5-inches, it will now only hang below 1 or 2.

Much better.

I’ll take a photo when the microwave is finally on the wall.


One Response to “Some Light Home Remodeling”

  1. My Mom has cabinets that were installed in 1965. I wanted to put new doors on them but all she’d let me do is put on new handles. Her Microwave came from Sears around 1970 and it is huge. It sits on a small table over to one side. Have a joyous and happy new year and don’t take any wooden nickels.

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