The TSA has gone CrAzY!

I thought when we elected Barack Obama as President that the insanity of how the TSA responds to security flaws would change.

Can someone please explain to me how disallowing me my carry-on bag AND my backpack in the cabin (instead of only my backpack) would prevent a terrorist from detonating a bomb that is in their underwear?  Also, how is forcing me to sit down and shut-up during the last hour of the flight going to prevent an attack attempt like the one hatched on the recent Northwest flight?

What’s next?  Will they strip search everyone, perform a full body cavity search, issue each passenger a diaper, and then padlock them otherwise nude into the seat for the duration of the flight?

Congratulations TSA!  You’ve accomplished nothing other than to make innocent people suffer for no tangible increase in security.  Now I have to sit in the cattle call that is waiting for luggage to arrive in a customs hall instead of being able to jump ahead because I’m smart enough to know how to pack light.

Why don’t you guys do something smart like not allowing the terrorist onto the plane in the first place?  After all, he *was* on the watch list.

You fall down on the job and the public suffers.


3 Responses to “The TSA has gone CrAzY!”

  1. A friend of mine just flew from Montreal to NYC. At JFK the guy ran his hands all over the supposed canadian terrorist. He got felt up pretty good and the guy from TSA never even bought him dinner. I’m so glad I don’t fly.

  2. I think things will ease up – I’m glad that I’m not flying until after the paranoia calms down a bit.

  3. I’m just trying to figure out why they put the measures in place that they did after this near attack as none of them seem to address the issue. At least in the past they seemed to. For example, scanning shoes because someone hid explosives in shoes. The guy who got caught this time didn’t put anything in his carry-on bag(s), nor would keeping everyone in their seat sitting still as if they are mannequins, with everything put away for the last hour of the flight, prevent what happened.

    I read in the paper this morning that they were also turning off inflight entertainment systems for the duration of flights. Oh, that will prevent an attack… not. Well, perhaps it will prevent the terror that is watching a Will Ferrell movie, but other than that. But geeze, take away my carry-on bag, then don’t let me have an inflight movie on an 8-9 hour flight. Gee, that’s gonna make for a bunch of surly passengers.

    The measures taken this time make no sense. *shrugs*

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