At The Movies

Tonight I went to see Invictus. This movie is mostly about Nelson Mandela and his desire to unite South Africa shortly after the end of Apartheid.  In many ways, I thought he was worried that the same things that happened in Zimbabwe were about to happen in South Africa due to a high amount of black nationalism against the former white minority authorities.  Much like what happened in East Germany at the hands of the western government after the fall of the wall , there was a great desire by the black majority population to wipe out all things associated with the former government.

Different countries, similar situations.

In this case, Mandela realized that while the black majority was now in power, the white minority still owned the economy, the police force, etc.  So he wanted to do things to bring the country together as a whole to include all races.  I think something the western government in Germany failed to take into account with the east during reunification.  You simply can’t wipe out all things historic moving forward, you have to let people have some of their history.  I think South Africa picked up on this quicker than what happened during German reunification.

Overall it was a good movie and it gave me some time to think about the similarities and difference between the South African situation and that which existed in East Germany.  The biggest difference prior to the actions was how the population were segregated from one another.  In Germany it was through different government systems and national borders, and in South Africa it happened through the forced partition of the population within the same territory.

From what I could tell a majority of the movie was filmed in South Africa.  There were many things throughout that I recognized from the trip TQE and I took in May 2007.

If you enjoy movies with a political undertone, this would be a good one to see.  It did a good job at portraying how inhuman humans can be to each other.  It also showed how a formerly oppressed person upon gaining the Presidency of South Africa had to deal with going against the trend of the majority population in order to secure a reasonably prosperous future for all his citizens.  South Africa may not be perfect, but if you look at how it has fared post-white rule compared to it’s neighbors after a similar passage of time, they’ve done a pretty good job.

I’ll be curious to hear what others have to say about the movie after they have seen it.


2 Responses to “At The Movies”

  1. I haven’t seen Invictus yet, but anything starring my boyfriend Matthew Paige Damon can’t be all bad. He has never made a bad movie. I have most of them. If you haven’t seen the Rainmaker yet run out and rent it. It is a great film. It was made a few years ago and should have been an Oscar for Matty.

  2. I saw a screening of it and I really enjoyed it!

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