Going Straight

Now that I’ve given my gay friends a heart attack…

No, I’m not saying I’m taking my skin boat to tuna town.  This post is about possibly ditching that rather expensive, wasteful, and manly appliance known as razor cartridges.

For some reason the major razor manufacturers have convinced the majority of the public that cartridges for razors that cost them, I’m guessing, less than 50-cents to manufacture sell for as much as $25.00 for a pack of eight to the consumer.  That’s simply ridiculous.  As such, I’m giving serious consideration to converting to a straight razor.  Buy a kit once for $100 to $150, and you’re set for life other than shaving soap.

My main concern with straight razors is that they do require a bit of maintenance.  You have to hone them, strop them, etc. all to keep a nice, sharp edge.  The other issue is that it is rather easy to cut yourself using this particular shaving device.  On the good side, once mastered, this is the closest shave a man can possibly get.  I get nasty 5:00 shadow somewhere around noon, so hopefully using such a device would allow me to meet the shadow at it’s namesake time of 5:00.

I’ve still not committed myself to this idea 100%, so I may still continue to use the razor cartridges.  One thing is for certain, should I travel on a plane, I’ll have to use the razor cartridges unless I wish the TSA to take my razor away from me.  After all, one of these things cuts much easier than those box cutters the terrorists used in the 9-11 attacks.

What do you think male readers?  Should I take the plunge?


2 Responses to “Going Straight”

  1. That seems like an interesting choice. I too have the 5 o’clock shadow problem, but starting much earlier than you.

    I like shaving in the shower too much to do the straight razor thing–I do it mostly by feel and then check the mirror after I get out of the shower (tub) to make sure I got the sideburns right. I don’t think a straight razor would like the humidity and constant water of a shower/tub for too long before needing replacement. I also am pretty absent minded and I don’t pay attention while I’m shaving–so the cartridges probably save me a lot of blood.

    Typically I get 2 to 3 weeks with each cartridge, although I had a foursome package of blades (Wilkensword/Schick) where each blade lasted less than a week–and that was super annoying. Strangely another identical package of blades, bought at the same time, has not had this problem.

    I’d say, though, go for it–as long as you’re the kind of guy who pays attention while shaving.

  2. I would prefer 5 o’clock shadow to all of the cuts you’ll get from a straight razor. I think 5 o’clock shadow is sexy but not on me so I use a German made Braun electric shaver. I use it 2 or 3 times a day. Once charged it lasts a very long time between charges and I’ve never had it cut my face. A straight razor will smooth the bumps by cutting them off. Get a styptic pencil and lots of tp to cover the cuts. Ted

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