We Got 8-Inches Last Night

Winter is officially here in California.  Today I drove into the hills from the central valley to discover that the overnight storm had dropped snow as low as the 500 ft. level in my area.  It actually snowed in Sacramento today as well.  This kind of weather rarely finds its way to the valley floor.

In California, your chance of seeing snow is usually given based on elevation.  The higher up in the hills you are, the more likely a storm will produce snow.  I cannot remember hearing about or seeing a storm in years that has produced this much snow, so low.  In a given winter the snow will get down as far as my folks place at the 2300 foot level about two or three times, in usually light amounts, but to get clear to the valley floor is about a once in a generation occurrence.  I actually saw snow inbetween travel lanes in the area where I was sweating to death and getting a sunburn on the motorcycle this past summer.

Fortunately, I encountered no slippage whilst driving until I turned into my parents driveway.  The roads all the way to the driveway had been plowed before I drove in.  It didn’t mean I could drive quickly or at the speed limit once I left the state highway, but my travel was delayed by a few minutes.  It could have been much more significant since California requires the use of these odd things called tire chains or, as I like to call them, wheel alignment destroyers.

While the snow can be inconvenient to those folks who rarely see it or drive in it, it does make for scenic driving.  As I was driving up out of the valley this afternoon, I saw a hill in the distance that probably doesn’t get past about 1000 feet in elevation, covered with snow.  Normally this time of year the hill is a golden brown from the dried out grass that adorns the landscape here until spring.  Today it was white, with a dark grey backdrop, and green trees framing the view as I drove up the highway.

California can be dusty, dry, and boring.  Today it was simply beautiful.

On another note… Big news may be on the way shortly. 🙂


6 Responses to “We Got 8-Inches Last Night”

  1. We had a sprinkling of snow on Monday morning — as in, you could still see the grass. What’s so amusing is that The Coach’s school autodialed us to tell us that “School will start on schedule.” Good freakin’ grief. They really do think they are southern around here.

    P.S. If it had been a real message cancelling school, it would have done The Coach no good. He had been at school for an hour!

  2. Do I have a vague idea about what the big news is about?? 🙂

  3. I’ll guess that you’re getting your own reality show. May I suggest a title? “CQ plus you” catchy no? Still waiting for a picture of you in the black leather jacket…growl! Ted

  4. @Ted: Why the new name? Anyhow, I don’t think my reality show could be played on “family friendly” networks. Though the telenovella that was my life this time, last year would certainly make for interesting viewing.

    @Koko: If you’re thinking the news is about what I’ve briefly mentioned in the past that is similar to what you’re doing, then yes.

    • When I use my old name and e-mail address (which are the ones I still use for personal use) my picture appears with it and I tried in vain to change it but it is carved in silicon and can’t be altered.

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