Pot Pourri

Just a few things today:

  1. Can the State of California explain to me why today is a burn day and tomorrow is not?  The weather and air conditions are going to be identical, yet I could have burned the entire county down today if I had wanted to.  I guess I’ll let the massive pile of brush I cut today burn on its own next summer and let CalFire put it out, along with the scorched earth the rest of the mountain behind the house will become.
  2. To the purchaser of my Conservative Hell home:  Which part of the phrase, “CLOSING SHALL CONSTITUTE ACCEPTANCE OF THE PROPERTY IN ITS THEN EXISTING CONDITION UNLESS PROVISION IS OTHERWISE MADE IN WRITING” in our contract do you not understand?  There were no other provisions made in writing, or otherwise.  You had your inspections, everything was disclosed, and the fact you’re seeing bugs 7-months after you closed and took possesion of the property is not my problem.  That was disclosed to you.  I’ve contacted the bug people three times on your behalf as a courtesy, but the issue you’re asking about is yours to resolve.  I no longer own the house, YOU DO.
  3. Hey Microsoft, why did your Windows Vista update to service pack 2 so completely crash my computer I’ve had to re-install the entire freaking operating system?  Fortunately my computer had a way to retreive all the files I wanted to back-up (and I had saved many to CD’s before this happened) but really, why do I have to spend a significant portion of my day downloading and re-installing software because you guys f**k-up on a consistent basis?  No wonder everyone is converting to Macs.
  4. What is this frackin’ lump on my eyeball/eyelid?  I’m not convinced it’s a stye, but my vision is a bit blurry.
  5. Why does the tendon on my left ankle hurt?  Why has it been this way for 3-weeks now?
  6. Why did it take my new jacket 40-hours to cross the entire country by UPS ground, and 3-days to make it from Oakland to the delivery address that is 100-miles from the Oakland warehouse?  Just curious is all.  I love my jacket!
  7. Christmas shopping is done for mom and grandpa.  Older brother and Big D are all that is left.  Younger brother will be lucky if I don’t mail him a cow-pie or send the fat Samoan after him.  I like having a short Christmas list. 🙂
  8. When can I make a doctors appointment to get a physical, my eye checked, and my prescriptions updated?

That is all.


5 Responses to “Pot Pourri”

  1. I have a couple of students you could send the fat Samoan after.

  2. If the bugs are bed bugs the purchaser of Conservative Hell home brought them with him. Otherwise there are 1 million insects in every 10 square feet. I will be looking for a picture of CQ wearing his new jacket. Ahem, I mean nothing but his new jacket and full length. Come on help an old geezer out ‘kay?

  3. Sorry to hear that the guy who bought your house doesn’t understand ownership.

    Have you considered just not responding anymore? Or maybe contacting your agent and ask your agent if there’s anything he can do to help get the guy to stop calling you?

  4. @TQE: The message came through my agent, and I’ve not spoken directly with the new owner. I did tell my agent that I contacted the bug people three times. I also told that they told me it was his responsibility to change the contract as the new owner of the house as I had already notified the company that I had sold it to him. All he had to do was fill out some minor paperwork it seems.

    He’s a business guy, and gets people to do as much as he can get them to so he doesn’t have to do it himself. Somehow he forgot I’m not one of his employees, so have 1. No interest in working for him unless I’m getting paid, and 2. The contract was final when he exchanged the money and closed the transaction.

    I told my agent that since I now know the answer to the question, filled him in on it via messages through her, that I didn’t want to hear anything else about it since he now owns the home.

    I’ve not heard anything since.

    @ T-Ed: I would send you that photo, but I’m very shy about sending that kind out to people because of certain issues with my body at the moment. 😉

  5. Okay, I’m dumb. I didn’t know you sold the house. But yes, when a house is sold as-is there is no obligation on your part. As a buyer you need to read the details of buying a house and then take care of your stuff.

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