Shiny New Jacket

Yesterday I ordered a shiny new leather jacket.  Only once in my life have I owned a leather jacket (I still have it) but I wanted a new one, this time black instead of brown.

While I was down visiting Big D this weekend, I decided I would pop over to the local mall and take a look at what was on offer.  JC Penney had some, but even their store brand was horribly overpriced.  So I went into one of the young adult stores (which admittedly, now that I’m nearly 40, I should probably stop shopping there) and all they had was pleather jackets.  I’m sure in their world the “P” means PVC, but in mine it stands for either plastic or phony.  Frankly, I would prefer to keep warm with a material that I wouldn’t find in common household plumbing.

I finally cruised over to Macy’s where I found a wide assortment of leather jackets, at least compared to everywhere else I had been.  The first one I saw inside the door?  A Ralph Lauren jacket priced at a mere $700.  Yes, you read that right.  I’m sorry, no jacket made out of the carcass of a dead cow is worth that much, so onward I looked.  I made may way through another assortment of pleather jackets before I stopped and found what I had been looking for.  There was a Tommy Hilfiger jacket, my size, and made of material I liked.  The tag on it?  A mere $450.

Of course, this being the era of the great recession (come on fearless leaders, it’s a depression) the jacket was reduced 60% to $180.

That’s probably a good deal.  I remember the last leather jacket I purchased was the store brand, and it cost $200 when I bought it 20-years ago.  Nope, I wasn’t satisfied yet.  I left the store, knowing I had found what I wanted, went home, and logged on.

I found the same jacket from an online retailer for $149.  At that, they were running a special that made the coat $119 with free shipping.  The grand total for my coat after taxes?  A nice $130 for a name-brand jacket with a wool lining.

The lesson I learned is that it pays to find what you want, leave the store, then see if an online seller has the same item for less.  In this case I thought I had found a good deal at $195, but went online and saved myself a further $65.  I might not be getting the instant gratification of the new coat today, but by waiting a week for its delivery I’ll save a bunch of money on something I was planning to purchase anyhow.

For that, I can put up with my ratty old coat for another week.


4 Responses to “Shiny New Jacket”

  1. Next thing you know, you’ll be buying leather pants…

    Enjoy your jacket 🙂

  2. Well, as much as I like the leather scene, I probably will keep watching the other guys in leather pants rather than purchasing and wearing them myself. Besides, knowing what I like to engage in, I wouldn’t be the one wearing the leather pants for long. LOL

    No, the jacket I am purchasing is something I wanted so that when I go out with people during the cooler months (movie, dinner, show, etc.) I’ll have something nice to wear.

  3. What about one of those leather dealios that hold up your wiener but the arse is all flopping in the breeze…those are pretty hot. 😛

  4. @Koko: Nice idea, but those things don’t work on me. TQE and Disenchanted know why it wouldn’t. They can fill you in via e-mail if they wish so long as you promise and swear NOT to repeat it to anyone.

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