A week in the desert

I’ve wandered back from Palm Springs and my second vacation at a gay clothing-optional resort.  Unlike the first time I did this, this facility was less of a fuckatorium.  I think the primary reason is that unlike the Island House (NSFW), the Vista Grande Resort does not sell day passes to the facility.  So the naked men you see there are either facility guests or personal friends of the resort owners.

In direct contrast to the trip in Key West, I weigh significantly more now.  I guess I need to get on the treadmill again, but after the first couple of days I wasn’t as self-conscious as I was when I first got there.  Most of my time at Vista Grande was spent in the room, the pool, the 20-man spa (and I was usually the only one in it), or sitting on a chaise sunning myself.

It’s nice having a tan in November.

Big D and I spent a lot of time touring the area.  The first time out we went over to Rancho Mirage to do a bit of shopping and sightseeing.  The sightseeing was mostly to see where the gayborhood used to be.  Apparently in the Coachella Valley, the gayborhood tends to move around quite a bit.  Right now it’s mostly centered around the Warm Sands district (where the Vista Grande is), but at one time it was a few miles east in Cathedral City on the site of a former fat farm.  We saw that facility, which is now closed, and it seems like it was used as recently as 5-years ago.  The gay life simply moved on, and now the large facility is mostly overgrown with weeds and the Bougainvillea is now creeping through broken windows.  Very sad.  I can see how the property could be great, if only the boys would come to it.

Another day we wandered down to Perris, CA and took in a rail museum.  We rode a couple of trains, and took tours through the many rail barns that adorned their property.  We saw everything from an 1870’s boxcar, a Descanzo funeral car, on up to more modern Santa Fe locomotives.  We even saw a caboose from a small, now defunct, railway here in the little town where I now live.  I had to travel 400-miles to see a caboose that used to venture out on the rails here.  I smiled, of course.

Finally we went to the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway and ventured up into Mt. San Jacinto state park.  It was a very nice ride on an aerial tram that has a rotating floor.  Apparently this tram is only one of three of these type in the entire world.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I have now traveled on two out of the three, quite by accident and coincidence of where I’ve traveled.  Amusingly, I’ve only traveled on two aerial tramways in my entire life, and I manage to find these rare ones.

Where is the other one I traveled on, you may ask?

Cape Town, South Africa.

I’ve already asked TQE if he would like to travel with me to ride the third one, located in Titlis, Switzerland.  He’s notified me that traveling from Weimar to Switzerland is a long and expensive journey.  Perhaps this will be my first trip abroad all by myself, should I schedule it.  Of course, I would always be willing to take Big D with me.

So now I find myself coming back to reality.  It’s sometimes a harsh, but necessary, landing.

Overall, I’ve had a great week, and I look forward to doing more of this type of travel.


2 Responses to “A week in the desert”

  1. The gay hoods do move in Palm Springs, but in all honesty it is one big gay hood in Palm Springs. What I love about Palm Springs is the local gay bar, Toucans, and all of the great gay restaurants … they are always packed even in the off season. Glad you ventured away from the pool and into some of the surrounding towns. There is much to see besides all of the penis fest pools.

  2. Yes, there is more to life than the penisfest. 🙂 I’m getting to an age now where sex is wonderful, but companionship is even better, so I look outside the circuit parties and the rest. Vista Grande was great for this. The crowd was a bit older than other places I’ve stayed at (Late 30’s to 50’s, unlike 20’s and early 30’s normally) so it was more casual than most.

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