This Old Country House – Part 2

If you remember part 1, I am in the process of fixing the Leaning Shed of Smalltown.  So far I’ve installed a drain to catch the water on one side of the shed and shuffle it under the shed through a pipe to the opposite side.  I’ve also leveled the foundation so we can put the floor back in.  While doing this, I ran into a huge problem – I can’t get the doors closed now.

To fix this I now must take out the lean in the shed.  I think the problem is the nails that hold the shed together have worked loose over time, and I need to upright the shed before I can re-fasten everything.  When I leveled the floor, I went from having the shed lean 3-inches out of square to a whopping 6-inches out now.  Apparently the old, rickety walls have taken exception to the first part of fixing the shed.

Tomorrow I intend to get the truck out, put it in front of the shed and pull it down upright.  Once it’s squared up I will then fasten it all into the proper position with the angle brackets, metal strapping, deck screws, and other assorted items I’ve purchased to make the shed comply with my wishes.

Let’s hope it works!  The alternative is to pull the shed down and start over.  If I do that, I’m building one that’s going stay upright for 150 years.  Or put another way, long enough I’ll never have to worry about it again.  On top of that, it will have space to park the motorcycles (1 touring, 1 sport, and 1 dirt) so that we can reclaim the garage for it’s designed purpose.

Wish me luck.


2 Responses to “This Old Country House – Part 2”

  1. eek… i hope you’re not doing this alone.

    That said, this seems a bit different from the last house you fixed up!

  2. I’ve done this part of the project mostly alone. The brother I get along with took the floor up, but has only pitched in a couple of times for small things since.

    The good news is that the shed is now sitting upright and the door are functioning properly. The bad news is that it’s held together with a huge cross-brace in the door opening. I’m going to leave that in place for a week while I’m gone and hopefully that will persuade the shed to be a bit more cooperative when I take it out.

    I think I have a solution to the overall problem, but I’ll need to leave the cross-brace in until I implement that plan. I can at least see the end of the project nearing. 🙂

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