Service Department Lies – Part 2

One thing I can count on the manufactuerer of my car is that they will follow-up with the customers on any service they had performed on their car.  Normally I dislike these intrusions, but in this case I only made it to the first question on the telephone survey because my recent experience with them was so deplorable, that if you answer poorly they won’t ask you the rest of the questions.

“How would you rate your satisfaction with the service department of the dealer you took your car to, on a scale of one to ten?”

I rated them a three.  I only went that high because they *did* fix the recall repair item.  However, as you’ve noted by the previous post, they did try to sell me service I did not want or require.

They had a free-form e-mail that the manufacturer could send to the dealer, so I went ahead and had them note my specific concerns in that, not that it will matter to these people.  I found out there are people who bought from that dealer (they sell more than one manufacturer, and these people bought the one I didn’t) and they go to another dealer in town that sells the same manufacturer for service because this particular dealer is so scuzzy.

Lesson learned.  I’ll be searching for a new dealer to take my car to, and hopefully one that isn’t run by scumbags that are sleazier than normal for car dealership people.


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