Service Department Lies

Today I took my car into a dealer to have a recall item fixed.  If this particular item fails, the brake lights do not come on, nor will the transmission shift out of park.  The service department fixed this and returned my car.

This is not why I think they lie.

Nope, when I got the car back they notified me that my air filter needed to be changed as it “looked a little dirty”.  Funny thing is, I took the cover off it yesterday and looked at it and it was almost as clean as new and I replaced it a mere 1500 miles ago, and they last about 15,000.  I was mostly annoyed as they notified me of this non-existent problem, but they missed the fact that my anti-freeze is a bit low, not low enough to cause a huge problem, but I do need to address it.  While I was in the car yesterday, I checked all my fluid levels, and other service items and the anti-freeze was the only issue.

When they told me that my air filter was dirty and offered to replace it, I challenged them by saying, “You mean the one I replaced 1500 miles ago?”

Don’t try to tell a person that knows something about car service that they need to replace something that obviously does not need to be replaced.   While the expression on the face of the service person made me think they were not amused with my challenge, they should simply be embarrassed that I caught them at their lie.

Needless to say, I will not be:

  1. Going back to this dealer for service, or
  2. Purchasing a new vehicle from them when the time comes.

One Response to “Service Department Lies”

  1. Air Filter? What kind of car still has an sir filter? Most of them have fuel injectors that do not require an air filter. A few years ago I had a Pontiac but i couldn’t find it listed in teh book of air filters so I bought one I thought would work. Much to my surprise the car did not need or use an air filter. I didn’t return it though because what would I say, “I am returning this air filter because my car doesn’t have a place to put it?” The parts salesman would say I know where you can put it.

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