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I’ve not waded into the pop culture pool lately, so I thought I would comment on all this non-controversy that is the TLC show Jon & Kate Plus 8.  For those of you not following, the couple has decided to divorce.  This caused TLC to rename the show Kate Plus 8, effectively barring Jon from the show.   In short, TLC fired him.

According to CNN, Jon has since sent a cease and desist order covering TLC using the marital property (read, the house) as a location for them to tape/film in.  This somehow makes a headline of, “Jon Gosselin tries to end ‘Kate Plus 8’.”

He is not trying to end the show.  He might be making production more difficult, but not end the show.  If you read the article, all he has done is exercise his legal right to decide who can and cannot enter his property.  How this equates to barring the show from going on is beyond me.  They can still get material by filming/taping outside the family home.

If I had been fired by someone that had access to my home, I’d certainly do the same thing.  Would TLC allow former, fired employees access to their offices?  I don’t think they would.

So I say to TLC – quit yer bitchin’.

This kind of thing is why I get a bit grouchy at the media.  Sensational headlines that are nothing more than a ploy to increase readership.

No wonder the US is filled with unintelligent dullards.

Dear media,

Please make your headlines relevant and factual to the story underneath.




One Response to “Pop Culture”

  1. I only watched that show oncet. They were building some stupid looking playhouses for the brats. They argued over where they should build the ugly things. I do remember thinking that Jon was a hottie.

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