I’m never home

It seems I’m having a heavy travel month as I am never home.  Last week it was time with friends in Texas, and the gay pride weekend events (gay day at Six Flags followed by the pride parade and festival on Sunday), and this weekend it is the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco.  After this I’m not off for any activities for a couple of weeks, but then it’s back to San Francisco to visit a group I’m getting involved with.  Then at the end of October I’m off to the desert with Big D for a week.  Where in the desert I’ll leave as a mystery, because it’s located close enough to where my most recent ex lives that I do not wish to invite drama if he’s still lurking about this blog.

I did find out that while I was attending the pride events in Texas that my own local tribe of queers was holding their pride event.  Naturally it was marred by a visit from the roving band of Jesus freaks who decided to grace the park where it was held with their presence.  This is just the type of activity that makes me want to grab Big D and give him a big ‘ol French kiss right in front of the protesters carrying signs stating I’m going to Hell.

We didn’t see a hint of the Jesus freaks at the events in Texas, but they show up to this other event in California.


I would have expected them at the first and not at the latter.


4 Responses to “I’m never home”

  1. These judgemental hypocrits have no right to pretend to speak for God. I see signs that say God hates Queers, but God loves all his children. There wouldn’t be Gay people if God hadn’t made them. Jesus came to save the world not to condemn it. Let he who has never sinned cast the first stone.

  2. Here in Podunk Indiana the local coffee shop is in hot water for displaying some nude male artwork. The police ordered them to either shut down or remove the offensive pictures. I guess the male body is so repulsive or maybe the homophobes didn’t like the tingle they felt while ogling the artwork.

  3. I’d have a lot of respect for the coffee shop if they displayed it anyhow. The police have no right to shut it down. Frankly, the image most offends those who are likely holding a huge cache of Internet porn on their computer.

  4. The nude male form violates the standards of the community. There is no actual law but that can be changed if the coffee shop doesn’t comply. What if children saw the naked men? I mean nobody is supposed to know what men look like under their clothings. The boys would all turn gay and the girls, OMG! the girls would be scarred for life and turn into less beans or something. WE just started letting Black people stay here over night. Baby steps.

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