Talking to the GPS

I found the post about getting lost by The Bloggess quite amusing as I’ve done and often do similar things with my GPS navigation unit.

I have the female voice set on mine, and this being the closest thing I’ll ever have to a wife, find it quite amusing when I argue with it.  However, unlike a flesh and blood spouse, when I get tired of listening to it drone on about how I’m going the wrong way when I am taking a route I know better than it does, I can simply press MUTE.


3 Responses to “Talking to the GPS”

  1. Did you hear about the true story where a Policeman pulled a woman over and asked her why she was going the wrong way on a one-way street? She said, “my GPS told me too”.

  2. Ha! If only I could mute The Coach when he gets to talking too much about football.

  3. I always have mine on mute.

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