Blog Nap

I seem to be taking a blog nap.  I thought I would have something to write about, but frankly nothing  interesting has been happening in my life, and I figured people were tiring of the gripe du jour.

I was planning to travel to Texas tomorrow, but that has been postponed for now since I would have been sitting at my hosts home mostly by myself due to their unforeseen events that came up the past week.  So I’ll likely go down there sometime in mid-September. There is not much going on here other than I took the bike out again and drove it aimlessly which is fun, but kind of pointless and not very environmentally friendly, though I suppose more environmentally friendly than driving the car or a truck.

I did take a nice long drive over a couple of days this weekend where I went to San Francisco (yet again) and then down I-280 instead of US 101 to San Jose.  If you ever find a need or reason to drive that route, I recommend I-280.  It is much more scenic (goes through the mountains between the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean) as opposed to US 101 which is shorter, but much more congested and only goes through cityscape.

If you click on the link I embedded above, you will notice a map with two small lakes adjacent to I-280.  Those small lakes are formed right on top of the infamous San Andreas fault, with the route of I-280 following the fault almost the entire distance from San Francisco to San Jose.  The fault never actually enters the cities of San Francisco or San Jose.  Going north on the freeway it turns out into the ocean to the west of Daly City and to the south the road leaves the fault just north of Woodside though isn’t far away until the route turns to the east near Cupertino.

Enough about the geology of the San Francisco peninsula.  Plese do take note should you ever move this direction, don’t buy anything adjacent to I-280 if you plan to have inexpensive home insurance. 😉  Berkeley in the East Bay would also be a good place to stay away from, due to the huge fault running through the middle of town.

Hopefully I’ll have something to write again soon.  Until now, this will have to do.


5 Responses to “Blog Nap”

  1. I’ve lead the most boring life of all. I don’t have anything to blog about either. House, school, gym, sleep, repeat. I have nothing exciting to say any more…it’s sad.

  2. I’ve never been anywhere near California but I have ancestors who lived there. My Great-Great-Great Grandfather drove the 4 horse stage between Ukiah and Mendicino. FAmily lore says it was rugged territory. Once he was robbed and his partner killed when he reached beneath his seat to get the cash box. The robber thought he was going for a gun.
    None of your stories are boring to me which may go to show you how exciting my life is.

  3. Hey, I have the same problem. I need another vacation!

  4. @Koko: Sorry to hear your life is more like a bottle of shampoo than anything real fun. 😦

    @Ed: Ukiah is actually a pretty nice place, from a visual perspective. My dad lived up that way briefly in the early 90’s, so I got to spend some time there.

    @Dr. D: Grab the coach and get out here. I’d love to show you around my old haunts. 🙂

  5. That stretch of 280 is indeed scenic; James & I have driven along there several times when we were staying in Pacifica this summer. We plan to visit a big estate in the lakes area, called Filoli. The ornate mansion is along the lines of the Vizcaya in Miami.

    BTW, we will be back in Pacifica on Sept. 13th, through the end of October (I’m playing a show in SF). Then I go on the road with Phantom for 7 weeks: 2 in Tempe, AZ; 4 in Durham NC; 1 in Ft. Lauderdale, during Christmas week.

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