The “I don’t have anything to write about” post

Yes dear readers, I’m positively uninspired lately.  So perhaps I’ll entertain all of you with the mundane things that have been going on in my life lately.

Last Tuesday I went to the remote motor vehicles office in the next county over so that I could take the driving portion of my motorcycle license test.  Since California is a hugely inefficient state due to the major budget cuts, it’s nearly impossible to get an appointment at your local office.  So you end up making appointments in far-flung locales most others in the state have never heard of, so you can get business done even if you have to drive 120-miles round trip.  Naturally I showed up the day before my appointment.  DOH!  They were gracious enough to accommodate me though.

Good news!  I passed.  Today I received my new photo license in the mail, that now shows that I can drive class C and M1 vehicles.  Prior to this I could only drive class C.  Yes, it arrived in the mail.  Most other states I’ve lived in, you go apply, and they hand you the new license before you walk out the office door.  Not in California.  Nope, you get a cheap computer printout that says you can legally drive.   No photo, no nothing other than something anyone could replicate on a dot-matrix printer.   Then you wait for the new photo license to come in the mail.  Of course, I can remember when they issued licenses on Kodak paper.  They were just as flimsy as your fifth grade photos.  Then they introduced the nice thick plastic ones, and now they are so thin they are almost back to being as flimsy as the photo paper.  *shrugs*

This weekend I am attending that bastion of heterosexual, “we’re better than you gay people” events.  Yup, I’m going to a wedding.  I see the cousin that is getting married periodically, but not so much that I’m his best friend or anything.  Mostly I’m going for the free booze. 😉  So that’s my Saturday this weekend.

It looks innocent enough, but this darn log is HEAVY!

It looks innocent enough, but this darn log is HEAVY!

I’ve not heard a peep out of my douche nozzle brother since the last court date.  Come to think of it, none of the rest of the family has heard anything from him since then.  Wow, and here he was convinced he was the only one that cared about the family.  Good riddance I say.  It’s great not having him around.  My grandfather doesn’t scream and yell as much since the brother left, and I think that is good for him.  92-year old men don’t need to be getting so agitated because that kind of things tends to kill elderly people.

I’ve been working like an ox the past few days.  Here in Ruralville, we burn wood to keep warm in the wintertime.  That means that during the summer you have to go out and hunt for dead or fallen trees, cut them up, haul them to the house and then split them up so they fit into the fire place.  I feel semi-guilty about this.  Really, am I making the tree version of soylent green?  Hmm…

This is the 4-bin wood shed and the log splitter.  Note freshly split wood piled on the ground.

This is the 4-bin wood shed and the log splitter. Note freshly split wood piled on the ground.

At least I’m getting exercise, even if this work is killing my hips and arms.  Those cut up rounds on the trunk of the tree are as big or bigger than car tires, and weigh at least 3-times as much.  Still, exercise is good!

That’s it dear readers.  Now you’re caught-up on the days of CQ’s life.

More later when I have something relevant to say. 🙂


6 Responses to “The “I don’t have anything to write about” post”

  1. You are not alone in having blogging blanks — I’ve had some issues over the last couple weeks–which sort of explains the photo entries I’ve had in the last week, plus a couple of days without posts (although the Sunday Monday gap was because on Sunday I took a 3.5 hour walk and was exhausted when I got back and Monday I didn’t get home until 2315, by which time I was ready for bed).

    I’m glad to hear that the EvilBro Issue has passed and that you passed your motorcycle test. From my casual observation it’s getting more and more difficult to get a license in the US–and not because the tests are difficult, but because of the paperwork challenges. Indiana is apparently moving to a system where they will mail you your license–and being a foreigner makes it worse–take Almost American’s experience!

  2. I admire your labors on the woodpile — as for us here in The Woods, we have done NOTHING about wood because 1.) We seem to be away during the Winter a lot, and 2.) We still have a few cords left over from the first winter, and 3.) We’ve been staying in the Airstream during cold weather and using propane.

    There’s plenty of wood on the land, though. Maybe someday…

  3. @TQE: If you can’t get your driver license in Indiana, perhaps you should get one in true home state. 😉 I’ve been giving some thought to moving there as of late.

    @Cameron: I sense an excuse to come visit you. Maybe when I’m done with my wood pile I can come help you for a couple days with yous. 🙂

  4. If one is considering getting a drivers license in Indiana changes that take affect on New years day 2010 include: Proof of birth, Proof of Insurance, proof of residence, proof of financial responsibility, proof that you’re not a felon, and either a testicle or nipple. Then you will receive a temporary license and the info sent to Washington, D.C. if they can’t find you in the FBI, CIA, or family services files then maybe, just maybe mind you, you will be allowed to drive after returning to the BMV to get your picture taken: No hat, no smile, no hair on forehead, no glasses or contacts. (Unless you are muslim then you can wear complete headgear and carry an AK-47) This new law is expected to find terrorists who are trying to vote, lest they vote in more of those damn liberals! (most of the above story is true)

  5. I, too, have had blogging issues lately – mostly because I have things I want to bitch about, but can’t really bitch about in public. blah!

  6. yay evilbra is in hiding! and yay for getting your m-license! YAY I SAY!

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