Where to go?

With all the drama lately I’m feeling like I need another trip.  I’m inclined to go since I have a TON of free time on my hands.  Right now my options are:

  1. Recife, Brazil
  2. Various gay-friendly locations in California (Guerneville, Palm Springs, etc.)
  3. Some place in western Europe, most likely Baio Dora in northwestern Italy.  This might include Venice or perhaps Geneva.
  4. Any of the US states I have yet to visit (HI, AK, ND, WI, ME, VT, or NH)

What do you vote for?

P.S. I made a couple of changes in my sidebar.  Enjoy!


4 Responses to “Where to go?”

  1. If you’re talking about going anytime in the next few weeks, I would surely skip Italy — it’s hot there right now. Actually I would go for the coldest one on your list, Alaska.

    If you wait until the fall I would think temperatures would be more pleasing.

  2. @TQE: If it were Italy, I’d be up in the mountains. The place I’d be going is so far north and west it is practically in France. I’m not sure if I’d be Europe bound or not though, since I was just there visiting you. I’m more tempted to go to Recife, assuming my pal that is there has managed to get his apartment in order. I’d definitely have to use the Italian passport to enter as the time line I’m thinking of wouldn’t allow me to obtain a visa in my American passport ahead of time, and from my initial search, they don’t require Italians to get a visa.

    I almost have enough miles for Australia, though I’m guessing another 6-months before I get to that milestone. Any interest in going with when the time comes?

    • If you can, do Brazil… I’m sure it would be a good time. Say “Bom Dia!”

      Re: Australia Probably not. I have too many options on the table right now and my short list for October is rapidly changing. I’ll probably take a two-ish week trip in October…

  3. I recommend Venice, California, do you roller skate? It is the “in” thing this year for a staycation. Somebody told me there is a recession going on but I’m sure if there were I would have heard about it by now. My brother told me the White House had turned Black but I don’t know what he was talking about, he’s a Republican, I know they are christian and don’t lie. Maybe I need to get out more myself.

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