Another day…

Another Republican sex scandal.  Amusingly, it seems to be the highly placed Republicans lately.

To think they actually impeached a Democratic president over where he put his pecker.

Friggin’ hypocrites!


4 Responses to “Another day…”

  1. He went to Buenos Aires with a bimbo on his knee, he’s come back to Carolina his family for to see. Oh South Carolina don’t you cry for me, I’ve gone to Buenos Aires my lover for to see. It rained all night the day I went hiking on the Appalachain trail but when they found out I went to Brazil they made my life pure Hell.

  2. HI CQ you don’t have enough to deal with so I thought I would ask if you had any idea how to change the picture that appears with my comments? Thanks, ed

  3. @Ed: I’m really not sure. Did you sign up for some sort of WordPress account and add that photo? I don’t think I can change it from here, but wherever you uploaded it to is probably the place you need to go to change it. From what I was able to discover from the photo you have now, it appears you used a site called to upload the photo originally. I would speculate the solution with that site.

  4. Yeah, that damn wordpress is the problem. I signed up years ago and now have no idea what username or password I used but I used my current e-mail address. So when I go to try to pull up that window it says you are not signed up and that address is already being used. I know it’s being used wordpress I’m using it! what a maroon! I guess you’ll have to keep seeing the same old photo. It is unique though, you probably never saw a horses ass wwearing glasses before.

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