A former life

US Army basic training - 1996

US Army basic training - 1996


5 Responses to “A former life”

  1. Sempre Fi.

    or is that the wrong one. I get confused…

  2. Wrong one, that’s the US Marines. You know, the branch of the military that is at least 50% gay.

    Huah is the appropriate one for the army.

  3. You looked like a real soldier in those fatigues. Who knew you were gay? Just like in Iran the Army likes to believe there are no gays there. Could you just imagine what it would be like in a company led by a gay sargeant?

  4. @Disenchanted: There were other people in the original photo that are cropped out in this version. One of them is a woman *gasp* since Army basic training is now coed. We were learning the basics of firing an M-16 in this particular class. Sadly, I already knew all that stuff being a country kid and all.

    @Ed: I’d imagine a company led by a gay sergeant would be much like a company led by a straight one. We were all there to do a job, not fondle and kiss the guy next to us. 😉 Well, unless he was willing. I can tell you that the communal showers were what kept me going. Just seeing everything was great. One thing I did notice is the guys with the biggest attitudes were the ones that had the least to brag about “down below.”

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