Should I go near or far?

In light of recent events in my life, I keep coming back to a desire to leave this area and move somewhere else.  I’m not sure where, but I have a huge area I could re-settle.  The question is, do I have the fortitude to take the giant leap.

I’ve had an offer to move to Texas, but would I really want to live in the same state as our former village idiot leader?  I suppose it’s an option, but I could be more thrilled.

I also keep remembering that I have a nice nest egg.  Perhaps I cash it all in and move over to Europe?  Though if this was an option, I should have cashed it all in when I was in Germany recently, because the dollar has taken a pounding since then.  If I did go, where in the European Union would I go? Unlike TQE, I don’t have to have someone sponsor me so I can stay because, as he noted while I visited him, I could theoretically work in a Burger Hut over there if I wanted to.  In terms of US living standards, if I did this and stayed in the US I would have enough to live on for 1 1/2 years without taking one dime in, but I suppose in Europe it would be more like a year.  Obviously, location would have a lot to do with how long I lasted on current funds.

All I know is that I feel I can’t stay where I’m at now.  It’s a toxic environment and everyone around here seems to be o.k. with that and I can positively say I’m not.  I feel stagnated and know that there has to be something out there that provides a better opportunity than those things which I find myself around today.  If a person keeps doing the same thing they always have, nothing will change, so I need to change it.

I suppose I’m simply frustrated.  I find myself at a crossroads, do I take the blind leap of faith, or do I figure out how to do something less complicated?  I know I have an uncanny way of landing on my feet, so I’d probably do just fine wherever I went.

I’m kind of curious what my readers would do if facing similar circumstances to what I’ve written about lately.



3 Responses to “Should I go near or far?”

  1. There are only two things in Texas, Queers and Steers. So you should be happy there. Don’t mess with Texas. If brother comes around these parts they’ll strang’eem up to the nearest tree. It will take a little time to learn their language though. I know they claim it is english…sorta. You would look Hawt in chaps.

  2. I don’t know how to advise you because you have your own likes & dislikes, and we’re not well-acquainted enough for me to make suggestions.

    But at least you realize that you need to get OUT of where you’re living right now.

    If you like your home state, I would suggest moving to a larger metro area.

  3. Hey, at least you have the freedom of the nest egg. I can’t really tell you where to move (Texas, however, is more like four different states. Austin would be cool, Houston not so much.)

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