Mud Puddles

Since I’ve been sticking with water themed titles for blog entries regarding the Days of CQ’s Life, I thought I would title this post as such due to the incredibly messy situation that has unfolded.

My brother was served with his restraining order today.  Then my mother, being the peacekeeper that she is, didn’t immediately tell him to get out, but instead let him hang around for two and a half hours, before he promptly fled with my grandfather in tow, to the local courthouse demanding they undo this injustice.  Apparently I gave my brother too much credit, because I thought he could read.  The order clearly stated where he was to stay away from, how far from it, and for how long.  Somehow spending two and half hours at the address where he is specifically barred was interpreted as that was the place he needed to be.  *shrugs*

My grandfather would like us all “…to get along…”  Unfortunately this, like clapping, requires a pair.  If only one person wishes to get along, and the other pushes, harasses, etc. the result will be nobody getting along at all.  When you defend the person that is pushing, harassing, etc. nothing will change.  Apparently my grandfather isn’t understanding this or is refusing to see it, yet it is clear to everyone around him.

Then tonight I’m informed by my older, non-restraining order bound, brother that the younger one called him asking for some of grandpa’s weapons.  The older one refused to give him any, but this has opened up yet another can of worms and another sleepless night.  The restraining order clearly states that he, “…cannot own, have, possess, buy or try to buy, receive or try to receive, or otherwise get guns, firearms, and/or ammunition while the order is in effect…”

The penalty for doing so?

He, “…can go to jail and pay a $1000 fine…”

Again, my younger sibling apparently can’t read. I’m not sure what to do with this one, if I call the cops and have him thrown in jail, my nephew gets put into the custody of child protective services or his mother has to be called away from her job to come care for him.  This isn’t her problem, but his actions could very well make it so.

Stress.  Gotta love it!

Anyone have a couch I can loaf on?


3 Responses to “Mud Puddles”

  1. There seems to be a parallel between you and brother and the Israelis and Palastinians. There can not be a lasting peace until both sides stop firing. If Israel stops they will be Destroyed but if Palastine stops fighting there will be peace. Take a page from Israels book and arm yourself don’t allow yourself to be pushed out.

  2. I have to be honest, lately I seem to be a drama magnet. Now, given I said this, I am also thinking I need to take a good look in the mirror considering that this seems to go on quite regularly. I need to find out if it’s me solving puzzles, or if there is something I actually have to work on about myself.

    In the case of my brother, I have to say that the rest of the family other than my grandfather seems to agree he’s going too far. The good news in this is that while my grandfather is pissed off and *still* defending my violent brother (I’m sure if he murdered me, g-dad would find some way to say I had it coming) it seems I’ve gone a long way to helping getting the family property back into code compliance by managing to get about half of the 20 (yes, 20) cars that have been here to begin the process of departing. Let’s hope the illegal auto body shop is next.

    If the anguish caused by all this turns out in the end to clean-up this property and turn it back into a residence, then I think it will have been worth it. Even if it is a side-effect of what’s really going on.

  3. Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t hesitate to report his search for weapons. I feel your reasonable brother told you for a reason because he also cares about your welfare. I think you might need the support of your brother on this one since it’s all just “well he said he said” business. Either way it’s not right. What good is the restraining order if he’s not going to go away? What good is the restraining order if you’re still not comfortable at home?

    About your nephew. Holy cow. That poor child has no business being in such a hateful environment. One day that hate could be turned upon your nephew and that will be really unpleasant. *maybe* your brother getting arrested, his child taken away, and having to pay hefty fines would make him realize it’s time to seek help.

    I’m really sorry…what a really horrible situation you have. *hugs*

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