The ice has broken

Dear Brother,

Tonight while I was out at the movies you decided it would be a good idea to punch a hole into the locked door of the room I am living in.  This is the last straw.   I’ve tried to ignore you for several days now by not speaking, interacting, or otherwise engaging with you in any way whatsoever.  I simply don’t need the headache.  So when you were not getting a reaction from me, you decided to go violent and destroy property that doesn’t belong to you.  It doesn’t belong to me either, but you chose to destroy a door that has been in this house for nearly 40-years, all because you can’t stand the fact that I am using my fair share of the world’s oxygen supply.

The door had a lock installed two-weeks ago because you were snooping through my possessions which is something you have no right to do.  Had you behaved in a civilized manner, it would never have been placed there.

You have threatened to beat the sh*t out of me several times, comitted gay hate crimes, and threatened to kill our mother in various instances when you didn’t get your way about something.  You have left me no choice but to depart this home in 5-hours time and head to the county courthouse to ask a judge to enact a restraining order against you.  The temporary order will last a mere 5-days, but with your behavior, threats, hate crimes, and other actions not fitting in with a civilized society, I can probably get this order extended to a year or longer.

I’m done.   I won’t live in fear just so you can feel good about your homophobic self.


7 Responses to “The ice has broken”

  1. It may be the norm to gay bash here in my state but I think bro will find that

    California has wiser and less bigotted leaders. My bro thinks of himself as far superior to me a messed up gay guy who thinks he doesn’t have a choice but prefers to be discriminated against even though it’s my own choice that makes everyone hate me. Wow! is that sentence convoluted or what? Anywho, right makes might and if a man says he loves God and hates his brother he is no better than a thief or a murderer in God’s eyes. 1 John chapter 2 verses 8-11

  2. Can’t you move out of there? It sounds extremely toxic!

  3. WTF! Sorry to hear about ahole brother. Sounds like your mother also needs a restraining order. GRRRRR!!

  4. @Disenchanted and Koko: Yes, WTF indeed.

    @All: I got the TRO, but let’s see if I can get it to stick more permanently. He hasn’t been served yet and it’s not valid until that happens. I also agree my mother needs one, but she doesn’t want to rock the boat. *shrugs* I guess it will take a full-on assault to get any attention on this. It is a toxic situation and I am working out a solution to my situation. Everyone else will have to come up with their own.

  5. Maybe you should date Vin Diesel?

  6. My fingers are crossed. It’s too bad your youngest brother’s an asshole.

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