Would you like a 3-gallon bottle of ketchup with that casket?

Hi all.  Once again I find myself on the road, where I took some time to stop at a big-box warehouse shopatorium.  You know, the one that usually has little samples of the food they are selling, mayonnaise in 5-gallon buckets, and toilet paper available for household purchase in quantities approximating the daily consumption in Germany.  Let’s call it Warehouse World.

I made a couple purchases and on the way out the door I noticed in the displays adjacent to the exit that you can now order a casket from the big-box warehouse store.  How absurd and tacky!

“Hey uncle Bob!  I’m so sorry aunt Flossie died yesterday but the reason for my call is that I’m on my way to Warehouse World to pick up a few industrial size bottles of floor wax.  Would you like me to pick up a casket for dear aunt Flossie while I’m there?”

And yes, these things are as tacky looking as your imagination can dream up.

I can only imagine what Fisher and Sons would think of this…


One Response to “Would you like a 3-gallon bottle of ketchup with that casket?”

  1. This sounds like a great idea. I wonder if they have a lay-a-way plan? If I could only buy one with a flannel lining. I think I’ll use it for a coffee table until I “need” it. Would it be tacky if I kept my Porn in there?

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