Day 2 – Erfurt

Spongebob Yeastpants?

Spongebob Yeastpants?

I’m back in the US.  The 9-hour time difference is kicking my ass, but other than that I’m getting back into the routine.

On the second day of my trip, TQE and I went to Erfurt to visit a friend of his.  No, not the guy pictured on the right, somebody else.

Erfurt is an interesting town with many historic sites, but then everything in Germany is historic, at least compared to the comparatively short history of the United States.  We made our way to a man-made hill where there were two churches – One built by men and the other built by nuns.  Of course, the nuns were first with their church, but the men, not to be outdone, built something grander.


At least that’s the story our host told us.

After visiting the churches, we made our way up an adjacent hill that had a military fort on top of it.  It reminded me quite a bit of Fort Point in San Francisco – A prime location, easy to see people coming from any direction, and adjacent to town.  The typical example of where to build a military fortification.

Later in the day, as we were wandering about the city, we tripped across this fellow.  He looks like Spongebob only made of bread and with tons of warts.



3 Responses to “Day 2 – Erfurt”

  1. Spongebob could kick breadman’s ass! Welcome back to the USA, where hamburgers fry on an open grill night and day. Did Cq miss the skycrapers did you miss the long freeway? from the coast of CAlifornia to the shores of Delaware BAy? I bet my life you did till you got back to the USA! (thanks Linda Rondstadt)

  2. The little bread dude is slightly gross. Ewh.

  3. @Ed: Hamburgers fry on an open grill in Thuringen also, they just share space with bratwurst.

    @Disenchanted: Yes, I certainly wasn’t thinking this was a character for children when I first saw it, but TQE tells me that’s what it is.

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