April Mai Fest

In just a little less than a week I’m getting on the huge metal bird and making my way to Germany.  I’m very much looking forward to this trip!  Hopefully after I return several huge thing that have been weighing on me will be off my shoulders.  After that, life will be much greater/simpler/nicer.  I won’t announce those things now, but keep your fingers crossed that it all comes through.  I’ll certainly tell you what they are after I return, assuming everything goes to plan. 🙂

Before I left for Dallas I did get another ride in on the motorcycle – 60 miles this time.  I left the house and drove out to our local Native American casino, then took off into the river canyon and out into the forest.  I had not been out this road in about 15 years, so it was nice to see the changes.

Now I need to start practicing for the DMV test so I can get the endorsement on my license.  Of course, that will wait until I return from Germany at the earliest.


One Response to “April Mai Fest”

  1. It may be my senility but did I just read that you will be huge when you return from germany? I’ve heard the food is very I mean VERY good there. The only thing I know about Germany I learned from European Vacation. I remember Chevy Chase was looking for sex but it was really apartment 6 and they got the wrong place but the people were nice to them anyway. I’d love to see a picture of you dressed like Chevy when he did that slap dance thing. Since both world wars started in Germany I guess the third one will too. Try not to start it yourself ‘Kay?

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