Travelin’ Man – We have a winner!

Greetings friends.  Today I find myself in Dallas, Texas but I’m going online long enough to let you know we have a winner in the, “Guess where CQ is going” contest.

Koko had a great guess of Spain in the comments of the previous post, but Ed figured it out, right down to the host.  Congrats Ed!

That’s right, on the 29th of April I will be jetting off to Frankfurt, Germany and once I make an approximately 3-hour or so train trip I will find myself in Weimar to visit my good pal TQE.

I’ve never been to his place, so it will be a nice trip, and it will be good to experience things with a “local”.  I’m sure I’ll get to see all these wonderful places he talks about, and to have the opportunity to ride Deutsche Bahn, etc.  I’m looking forward to the trip since I last saw TQE as I was making a transfer to a flight back to the US in Amsterdam on our South Africa trip.  I’m also interested to see if things are different for Americans now that we have a President that Europeans seem to like.

Does anyone have any tips for some German culinary delight I have to try?


6 Responses to “Travelin’ Man – We have a winner!”

  1. I would have guessed TQE but I knew you were interested in going to Spain at one point. Trickery I tell you! You’re going at a really great time of year. You’ll really enjoy it. One of my favorite foods is Käsespätzle. One of my favorite things to do is wake up and walk down to the bakery for bread. YUM! If you’re interested in being served food until you burst stay with my aunt for a few days. Breakfast 9-10, lunch 12, coffee & cake 3, dinner 5-6, evening chocolate at 9-10. Call my grandmother for the best “real” potato salad….mmmmm

  2. You must have an authentic Thüringen Bratwurst, as well as an authentic Turkish Döner.

    See you soon!

  3. I suspected TQE since he never took part in guessing. I’m sure he will give you the grand tour and that he knows all the best eateries in the area. Have a fun, great, nice and informational trip.

  4. @TQE: I’m up for trying local fare.

    @Ed: Actually, TQE did chime in on the first post with an answer of… China. 🙂

  5. Bratwurst is on the menu for Labor Day–while going to the Soap Box Derby…

    I’m excited!

  6. I came here off Adam’s link in his new post.

    “opportunity to ride Deutsche Bahn”

    This made me laugh. Most of us here wish we didn’t have to suffer through another DB trip.

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