Travelin’ Man

I have a ton of free time on my hands, so I’m taking a trip.   I’m sure you’re thinking, “CQ, you’ve already told us you’re going to Dallas next week, where could you possibly be going this time?”

To which I say… I’m not going to tell you until all the plans are finalized.  It is a plane trip, so obviously Ed won’t be showing up, but I’ll leave it to all of you to guess at for now.  I think I might enjoy reading about your speculation though.

Hint: I’ll be taking a little dark-red book with me and I’ll be leaving April 29.


7 Responses to “Travelin’ Man”

  1. I’ll guess the home of Constantine for the May Day festival.You are such a brave man to fly. I wish I wasn’t such a woosie.

  2. i hope that in addition to a little red book you have a little blue book on this trip.

    I say… China, where little red books are welcomed with open arms.

  3. Considering I’ll need a little blue book to get back, I’ll certainly take one along.

  4. somewhere that requires a passport…hmmm….brazil?

  5. OK, Koko and Ed are right… passport required. Not Brazil, though it is on my list of places to go, especially since I can avoid the American tax by using the Italian passport to enter.

  6. You are soooo lucky. I’d love to have an EU passport in addition to my US one.

  7. Hi J, and welcome.

    I just happened to have a nice little “loophole” to get an EU passport. I discovered an ancestor hadn’t naturalized when he came to the US, so I took advantage of the situation and got recognized as a citizen in the country he came from. I’m quite happy with it, mostly because having the EU passport gives me access to two economic zones. As TQE noted, he has to have a specific job to get a work visa to stay in Germany, I can simply show up and work in Burger King, if I want.

    Obviously It’s more complicated than that, but I think most ex-pats get the point.

    Again, welcome to the blog. It’s always nice to get new people taking a peek.

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