Less than a day

That’s how long it took telemarketers to figure out my new phone number.  Actually it took them a mere 21-hours to give me a phone call.  Amusingly, the call came from an area adjacent to where I used to live, and I know people in that area code, so I picked up.

Next stop – register it to the do not call list.  *ugh*


3 Responses to “Less than a day”

  1. Hello Sir: We are not trying to sell you anything, we’d just like to ask you a few questions. What phone company do you use? Do you like to save money? How would you like to make long distance calls for free? One more question, what is you credit card number? Sir, don’t you want to get free long distance phone coverage? I’m sorry, if your busy when may I call back? What sir? Oh Sir, I don’t think it ever even gets cold there.
    (I used to work in tele-marketing)

  2. By the way, the Telemarketers didn’t figure out your new number, your phone company sold it to them. A little ancillary benefit they don’t like to discuss.

  3. I pretty well figured out it was the phone company because I had not yet given the number out to anyone. It’s so marvelous that I have to go back and call them to make them turn off texting, etc. I don’t have a text plan, so when they text me with their own ads, they charge me for the message… Grr… I think that should be illegal/forbidden/punishable by death. You want to advertise to me, it should be free to me.

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