Weekend away

I just got back home today after driving from new state and spending the weekend in the city above… well Saturday at least.  In my previous life, I lived in California for 22 years and I never went to that city until Saturday, when I helped a friend move.  Unfortunately there are no fancy soap opera opening credits for Bakersfield, CA so I don’t have another video to post for his new city of residence.

I’ll only say that with videos like the above, no wonder everyone living outside of California thinks the state is so shallow.  I mean really, big breasted women with sunglasses is the only thing in that state?

I did see something that surprised me.  As we drove to get his stuff in Santa Barbara, we passed through the northern part of Los Angeles county, where much to my amazement I saw cattle grazing.  Even having been a resident of California, I never thought there was open grazing land left in that county.

On the way back I got to drive the cousin of Dr. Disenchated’s car along the Pacific coast between Santa Barbara and Ventura, then back over the mountains to Bakersfield.  It’s a 2007 Mustang GT.  Dang, that’s a quick car when equipped with the 5-speed manual transmission and V8 engine.

Next week I’m headed here (bonus points available – watch and tell me who’s missing in the credits):


3 Responses to “Weekend away”

  1. It was hard getting past Patrick Duffy, yowsa, yowsa! but where the Hell is Miss Ellie? Barbara Bel Geddes can’t be replaced by Donna Reed, we’ll just have to cancel the show. Oh by the way Kristen did it.

  2. disenchanted Says:

    Sally’s jealous!

  3. @Ed: I agree, Donna Reed was a rather poor replacement for Barbara Bel Geddes in that season. Lorimar certainly had a way with finding sick or soon to be dead people to cast in that show. First the guy who played daddy Ewing croaks. That’s followed by poor Barbara getting so sick she can’t be in the show. Then after her miraculous recovery and bumping of Donna Reed out of the show, Donna Reed takes a dirt nap the following year, but not before collecting a cool $1-million+ for being fired from the show. That was a show where the drama was a much on-screen as off.

    @Dr. D: Sally has no reason to be jealous, at least she can put her top down without a can opener! The scenery along US 101 in that part of California is WONDERFUL, but no salt air in a hardtop.

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