After being stuck in the house sick for several days, I finally got out last night for a ride on the motorcycle.  It’s a Honda Shadow, probably 2002-2003 vintage, I’ll have to ask the owner.

I only rode for about 15 miles, going here and there.  I left the house, went out to tiny town, drove around the airport, came back past the house, drove to slightly larger town, then made my way back to tiny town, onward to the local basket-weaving college, and finally back to the house.  Whew!

I found a couple of annoying things about riding so far.  First, I forgot that when driving one of these things, if your nose starts to run, you have no real way to take care of it.  your head is stuck inside a helmet, so you can’t just reach up and wipe it off nor is it very easy to just pull over to the side of the road and deal with it.  Second, the turn signals do not turn off automatically on these things.  Being aware of that, I would try to turn them off after a turn and just couldn’t get them to turn off.  I was driving around with the signal on about half the time, doing my best to emulate a retiree in Florida driving to the early bird buffet.

I dread to see what happens should a bee find its way inside the helmet.

In other news, perhaps I should move to Iowa?


One Response to “Shadowing”

  1. Perhaps a move to Indiana where there is no Helmet law. I have to buckle up like a race car driver in my car but Motorcycle hunks don’t wear anything…except black leather jackets, chaps and boots. I can’t wait for summer!

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