Being sick sucks.  This is the first vomiting type illness I’ve had in the past 15 years.  Fortunately I’m mostly over it now, just waiting for the yuckiness in my intestinal tract to stop.

Hopefully after this I’ll be able to get out on the Motorcycle. 🙂


4 Responses to “Blah”

  1. Oh ack. I hope you feel better soon … and that the germies can’t travel over the internet.

  2. I’m feeling much better today, though I need to watch what I’m eating. I doubt the germies are Internet capable. 😉

    Oh, and congrats to you Dr. D – you were comment 3,000 on the blog today.

  3. Did you catch that bug in your teeth while bike riding? Could you send me a picture of you on your bike? Do you have a black leather jacket? Boots are also a turn on. Thanks, Nigerian King I mean ed

  4. Sadly, I don’t have a photo… yet. And I only have a brown leather jacket. It’s going to look a bit odd riding that bike with mismatched stuff (Black boots, brown jacket, silver helmet), but at least I’m as safe as I can be on a bike.

    And this damn bug is persistent. I thought I was over it, and now I felt like I ate a dozen hard-boiled eggs. Blech!

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