Vroom Zoom

As of today, I am a legally able to drive a motorcycle on the highways and streets of new state.  OK, they said not at night, on freeways, or with a passenger until I have the actual endorsement on my license.  Still, I can go out and terrorize ‘lil ‘ole ladies in crosswalks, scare small woodland creatures, and get additional protein in my diet via all the bugs I suspect I’ll be picking out of my teeth.

I’ll be back to post again once I’ve gotten my fill of getting my motor running and heading out on the highway.

Until then…


2 Responses to “Vroom Zoom”

  1. I’ve never had the disire to own a motorcycle but you do make it sound wonderful. As a passenger on one I never know where to put my hands. Oh, I know where I want to put them but fear that may cause a wreck. Go ahead easy rider but don’t forget to wear a helmet (except in Indiana where none is required becuase the Governor rides a cycle).

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