I heart Luke from The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race USA came back on CBS recently, complete with new opening credits and a re-worked theme song.

I know he doesn’t play for the all-boy team in spite of the fact  my gaydar is going off, but I heart Luke.  He’s a smart kid, knows the game strategy well, and he really shows the world that deaf IS NOT equal to dumb.

I really hope he and his mother win the race.


6 Responses to “I heart Luke from The Amazing Race”

  1. don’t spoil it for me!

    have a safe trip across the USA. Take lots of photos and stop at every roadside attraction you can. It’s what makes America great–especially the world’s largest ball of twine!

  2. I almost gave up some of what was going on, but then I had the thought you probably have not seen most of the episodes of TAR 14, so I didn’t want to spoil it for you.

    That Luke… the guy makes my heart go thumpa, thumpa! 😉

  3. So what is this race you speak of and why is it so amazing? It must be on Monday nights and nothing is better than the Big Bang Theory on CBS and Heroes on NBC that night. Sylar makes my (let’s say heart) go thumpa thump!

  4. @Ed: The Amazing Race is on CBS on Sundays, immediately after 60 Minutes.

  5. Sunday’s? You mean while my wonderful Andrew is on “Desperate Housewives?” and Extreme Home Makeovers is making me cry? I’ll watch it this summer when the reruns come out, ‘kay?

  6. Where I’ve been watching it’s on between 60 minutes and Desperate Housewives. So I get to see everything. 🙂

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