My guest appearance on LOST

I’m telling you, all this travel I’m doing lately is starting to make me think I’ve made a guest appearance on the current season of  LOST. I’m half expecting John Locke to show up at my door in his wheelchair demanding that I go with him to the island.


I flew to the east coast and got jet lag (time shift), followed by the transition to daylight savings time tonight (time shift), to be followed by going through one time zone per day over the next week or so (more time shifts).  I’m not going to the 1950’s, the 1970’s etc., but I keep half expecting my nose to start bleeding from all the temporal shifts.

We even went from arctic conditions (20F)  here on the day I arrived to it being comparatively HOT (80F) today.  If I find myself laying in the desert in a parka with steam coming off of me, I’m gonna freak out I tell ya!

I gotta go, there is someone knocking on the door.  Bye for now!


One Response to “My guest appearance on LOST

  1. We have to go back! I find the show LOST to be very confusing. I seem to remember back when those who left the Island were invulnerable. I think it was Dr. Shephard who put a gun to his head but it wouldn’t fire. It was ironic that Ben helped Locke out of his noose then broke his neck and put him back in the noose to make it look like suicide. Let me add that Dr. Jack Shephard is a fox.

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