Leavin’ on a jet plane

But I do know when I’ll be back again.

Tomorrow I’m once again engaged in planes, trains, and automobiles… OK, since I’m not TQE there are no trains involved.  I’m going to be gone for a couple weeks, and I’ll have access to the net the first week but after that, nothing until I return around the 17th.

Keep the light on!


2 Responses to “Leavin’ on a jet plane”

  1. Bon Voyage CQ, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and if it’s onto a plane it will only take a few hours. I just heard that some airlines are now charging a buck fifty to use the toilet. Take lots of quarters. Hurry back.

  2. Nah, I’ll just take a leak in the galley if they start doing that.

    There are some things that should always be part of the airfare. Specifically water (at the least, those damn planes are DRY) and a toilet.

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