Return to hell

Yup, I’m going back to Conservative Hell.

When I drove off in January I left behind a few things that are now needing my attention.  So next Tuesday onto a plane I go (care to come along Ed?) and will make my way from New State to Conservative Hell.

It will be interesting to see just how much has changed in the nearly two-months since I left.  I’m always amazed at how much none of us notice the changes in our immediate surroundings until we leave and come back to them a significant time later.  When I went to South Africa with TQE, I noticed many changes even though I was gone a little less than two-weeks.   I can only imagine what has changed in two months.


6 Responses to “Return to hell”

  1. SAFE TRAVELS! I’ll look forward to reading about your visit back East.

  2. Sorry, CQ, I can’t forget the many planes that fall out of the sky. Me, Whoopi Goldberg, and Charlie Sheen hate flying. Charlie said ,”safer than my car Hell! if it stops I get out if the plane stops it falls out of the sky>” Enjoy your trip. Now the conservatives are in Hell since the black man moved into the White House. teehee.

  3. Bon Voyage!

    I hope that everything gets resolved on this trip east.

  4. Safe travels! Good luck!

  5. […] in Hell By Cynical Queer Categories: General You may remember a couple of posts back that I said when a person leaves a place for some amount of time, that when they return they will […]

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