Now, a message from our idealistic queer youth…

I received the following note in the mailbox for one of my on-line profiles yesterday.  If this is how the gay youth are doing things, I weep for the future of the gay community.  This kid, all of 22-years old, has actually taken to “eating his own”, and not in the odd, pornographic way.

He quotes my profile in the first line of the italicized text.

My response to his unsolicited note to me follows the break.

“After all, straight people usually don’t go up to you and say, ‘Hi, I’m straight…’ “

No, but they sure do take every opportunity they get to shove their sexuality down our throat in innumerable ways, primarily the hetero-dominated media (boy-girl, opposite sex, 24/7).. Oh! And my favorite, “if you’re not like us [ya know, a breeder] you’re altogether inferior, an abomination and going to hell cause God hates you.”

Yeah.. I don’t feel any ounce of guilt being feverishly vocal about our sexuality.

…And you shouldn’t either mister.

Just thought I’d share that with ya. 😀

Dear idealistic gay youth,

Gee, nothing like getting to know somebody before you jump down their throat…

I guess a queer that planted a huge French kiss on his BLACK boyfriend, in public, in front of Shirley Phelps Roper of the Westboro Baptist Church, in a hopelessly redneck conservative southern town doesn’t fit your image of what it is to fight back.


Perhaps that same queer standing up and yelling “hypocrites” inside of a black church that invited him to services with his BLACK boyfriend’s family, when the pastor knowing he and his boyfriend are in the audience, tells the congregation that the church demands they vote for people who support the “sanctity of marriage”… nope that probably doesn’t fit either.

These are but two examples.

Now, before you go “eating your own” by alienating those queers who have the finances to fund your idealistic views of the world, you might want to get to know them first. So when you decide to take your fight out of your comfort zone in liberal Santa Cruz and into someplace like, oh say… Tunica, MS, and assuming you can stop sucking on your mothers teats long enough, please feel free to get back in touch. Until then, you may want to keep your unsolicited opinions to yourself.

Thanks. Just thought I’d share that with ya. 😀


5 Responses to “Now, a message from our idealistic queer youth…”

  1. OUCH!

    But you’re absolutely right.

  2. @Cameron: Yes, ouch. I get a little testy when people question my loyalty to the gay cause, especially those that “protest” from the safety of liberal enclaves. It doesn’t take bravery to do that, but it *does* take bravery to do it in front of “the enemy.”

    Amusingly, he’s come back to tell me that Santa Cruz isn’t liberal. Well, maybe not vs. San Francisco but certainly vs. most towns and cities outside of the northeast and Pacific coast states.

  3. Remember CQ, when looking for the perfect Fruit you’ll have to go through a lot of assorted nuts.

  4. You know I hate it when people say they live in conservative places but when in fact they are more liberal than most. I always say it could be a lot worse.

  5. Well, I guess I am going straight to hell because I never intend to be a breeder (and that’s from the straight gal with a hubby). 😀

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