Over $200!

I knew car registration would be expensive but by the time I got it all done it was over $200… Yikes!  The good news is that in New State this is the last I’ll hear from them about it until next February, where in Conservative Hell I’d hear about it in March ($35), April ($25), and August ($250).

When looking towards next year, I find it difficult to believe that New State is going to cost less than Conservative Hell by about $200.

So, that’s one project down (car registration and drivers license), and a few more to go.


2 Responses to “Over $200!”

  1. Hooray CQ, 200 dollars extra! Mad money to spend any way you damn well please, priceless.

  2. My cynical nature tells me this $200 will go from car registration to car insurance. *shrugs*

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