He’s gone

To which I say thank God, or whichever diety you admire.

I wasn’t fully convinced “King” George was going to go.  The conspiracy theorist in me kept thinking he would find some eleventh-hour way to declare a state of emergency to make sure he kept control because only he could protect us from the bogey man.

Let’s hope that respect of the United States builds once more in this world.  Being respected by other people and countries will probably do more to protect us from terror than beating all of them over the head with a stick ever has.


One Response to “He’s gone”

  1. Right on CQ! You can get more bees with Honey than with Vinegar. Calling several countries an “Axis of Evil” doesn’t seem to endear them to us at all. Refusing to negotiate is childish and idiotic. Only one thing that bothers me, why are we in Afghanistan? Russia spent years there and accomplished nothing. We made fun of them and called it their Vietnam. How stupid are we to go in there and try to accomplish anything? They are growing more poppies than ever before. cAn’t we at least bring some defiolate from the Vietnam era to destroy those?

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