Hi, Grandma? *click*

I called my grandmother last night (actually, I returned her earlier call) and the old lady went nucking futs on me.  For me, the call was about talking to her to thank her for the nice wad of cash she sent me for Christmas.  Once that was done, my grandmother gradually turned the conversation to that “third-rail” of conversations – politics.

I’ve known my grandmother is a bit nutty with her conspiracy theories but last night she just went overboard, which led me to believe she must have reinforced the tinfoil in her hat or something.   She’s one of those people that is convinced that Obama is a Muslim, and that he’s not a US citizen in spite of the fact that he has produced his Hawaii birth certificate, etc.  Frankly on that basis, I think Obama is more qualified that McCain – at least he was born inside the country.  However, I would never have challenged McCain’s qualifications based on that.

She was ranting and raving about how Bush and Obama should meet their maker, etc. because of all the bad stuff they have done to the country, etc.  At this point I chimed in wondering why Obama would be part of her reasoning seeing as he’s not even become the President yet, and therefore has not had the ability to influence any policy except through his capacity as a US Senator, which he has not been since November 16.

She also threw in a homophobic comment about “That homosexual that is in charge of Fannie Mae” (Barney Frank) and how he ruined the country, etc. which confirmed to me that she doesn’t know I like dick.  Oh well…

This conversation kept going on and on and on, like her conspiracy mind tells her to do.  Side note: If you want to get her going, just ask her about the Amero or the road from Mexico to Canada with no off-ramps in the US.  *shrugs*

After a while of this going on, and my really trying to change the subject, she took my unwillingness to completely agree with her as holding a viewpoint 180-degrees from her own.  At this point she said, “You’re crazy and I need to go now.  Bye.  *click*”

Last night I learned something new – in her world sane = crazy.


5 Responses to “Hi, Grandma? *click*”

  1. Wow… sorry to hear your family is so nutty–and honestly, I had never heard of the Amero before reading this. Conspiracy types actually believe this?!

  2. I have heard of I -69 that will connect Canada to Mexico. The claim is it will take our jobs away. WTF? We don’t have any jobs to take away left do we? My sister and her husband are digging a cellar to hide their guns in because Obama is going to come and get them all. Those who support the Palastinians against the Israeli are crazier than bat-shit anyhow. They are writing editorials in support of Palestine in my local paper. WTF? Maybe if the U.S. hadn’t gave them the money they wouldn’t have bought those Russian missles? If Israel doesn’t fight there will be no more Israel, if Palestine doesn’t fight there will be no more war. This is me getting off of my soap box now. (tell your Granny: it takes one to know one)

  3. Wowie…that’s crazy. Sorry to hear the tin hat people have collected a family member…

  4. @TQE: Yes, they do.

    @Ed: Your roll of Reynold’s Wrap is on the way.

    @Koko: It saddens me as well. *sigh*

  5. This is why I refuse to talk politics with my family … even though one would like to think that they’d defer to the person with the Ph.D.

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