The new location

It’s official!  I’m moving.  My last day as a resident of Conservative Hell will be January 7th, 2009.  Oddly, this is the same date in 1978 that my parents ceased living together and my mother moved my brothers and I to a new home during their divorce process.

My new location will be revealed later.

In other news, I have a new toy coming.  Over the weekend I ordered a Garmin Nuvi750.  I normally don’t spend money on such extravagance, but I wanted to buy myself one nice thing with the cash people sent me for Christmas, instead of putting it all away like I normally do.

It was an electronic based holiday for me.  My mother gave me the Absolutely Fabulous special on DVD.  I’m thrilled, because this is the only thing from AbFab that I’ve not seen.  I foresee an evening of popcorn or hot chocolate in my future.

My family also pooled resources and purchased me the full version of Microreichsoft Office, including Outlook and Access so that I have the software for my personal computer.  I’ve not had a copy of it for my very own, and relied on using the software on my office computer for anything I wanted to do using that software. 

Since I didn’t feel like sitting at home for Christmas, I took a trip to the local mountains and visited some friends there.  I’m telling you, it’s gorgeous over there.  I’ll never understand why such a gorgeous place attracts the toothless, meth-whore element.  *shrugs*  Their house is a 7-bedroom, 3-bath log home on three floors.  Frankly, I’m not sure what a household of four people does with a house of such enormity, but they seem happy there.  Oh, did I say it’s a 7-bedroom house?  It has another room that could be a possible 8th. 

I don’t think the Brady Bunch had that much space.

Overall, this was a good holiday.  I hope all of yours were as well.


10 Responses to “The new location”

  1. Good luck with the upcoming move–at least we know you won’t get lost.

  2. I don’t have a clue what a Garvin750 is but I hope it gets good gas mileage. It sounds like you made out very well at christmas tide. I got a 25$ gift certificate from Wally World. I’ll probably buy something and return it for the cash. My heating bill is high even though I keep it at around 60 degrees.
    I hope you like the new place and have lots of Gay nieghbors. Adam says you are familiar with the area so I guess you’ll feel at home there. You do need a 9 room house because…just because. Later my friend from an old guy in the land of toothless idiots. 😉

  3. The Garmin Nuvi750 is a GPS system. That’s why Adam knew you wouldn’t get lost. Thank God for Google. I just hope you’re not moving to Tuscany and taking up shepherding. I can’t wait to find out where you’ve moved. I’m guessing Texas. I sure hope that is not going from Conservative Hell to Hell in a handbasket filled with Bluebonnets.

  4. Let’s just say I’m planning for this to be a temporary move. Oh, and not Texas. YUK! Though I will be driving through Texas.

  5. YAYAYAY! I’m so excited! I’m also jealous! I want a garmin!

    @ ed…our heating bill has been really high this month too we keep ours at 68 (his choice not mine…i like keeping it at 64).

  6. Just so you know, my utility bill is $70 a month. That includes my heat, cooking, hot water, and lights. 😉 It doesn’t include the water and sewer bill, but tack on no more than another $20 for that. Refuse service is included in my property taxes.

    Doesn’t it make you want to move here and buy my house? LOL

  7. I envy your Utilitiy bill CQ, but fear for your virtue as you drive across Texas. Perhaps I should ride shotgun. I can’t consider what will happen to a handsome young man as yourself if the cowpokes get aholt of ya. Lock your doors and drive like Hell. I hope to God you don’t have engine trouble.

  8. Oh, and I keep my house at 72 in the winter.

    @ed: Sure, just hop on a plane and meet me in Tuscaloosa, AL.

  9. CQ, I hear tell that amongst the other things I have to fear about Planes, they now have become infested with Poisonous Snakes! If you have a pet Elephant with dental problems you’ll want to take it to that city in Alabama right? ’cause Tusks are looser in I mean Tuscaloosa Alabama.
    You keep your house at a toasty 72 degrees? You must be a rich feller. I’ll fly on a plane after you spend the night out on Vine Street in Cincinnati. I asked my Uncle Ivan who lived in Cincy how far it was from his house to downtown which would mean walking down Vine street and he said he didn’t rightly know as nobody had ever made it yet.

  10. I was a very bad man. I used my Wally World gift certificate I got for christmas and bought a DVD to watch tonight as I sit all alone once more. Pathetic huh? It is called EAgle Eye and stars Shia LaBeouf and Billy Bob Thornton. I don’t know anything about it but it looks to be filled with action and Shia is almost as cute as you but a bit too young. Billy Bob is more my type, old and haggardly.

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