Narrowing the field

Obviously, the economic situation globally can best be described as dismal.  This is causing me to focus my efforts on finding a job in larger cities.

Right now the focus cities are:

  • San Francisco, CA
  • Dallas, TX (I have my reasons)
  • London, UK

I’d prefer the last one, but since cross-ocean moves are logistically difficult I will probably end up in the first one.   It definitely won’t be Phoenix, AZ for obvious reasons.  There is only one reason coming to mind presently why I would even contemplate traveling through that city.  I definitely have no desire to live there.


3 Responses to “Narrowing the field”

  1. CA could be nice. I’ve heard mixed things about Dallas. What about Seattle?

  2. I’m looking in places where I have a realistic hope of finding a job in the current economy. I’d prefer Seattle, but there really isn’t much there for what I do. Microsoft is there, but most of the type of work I do that is related to them would be in Silicon Valley.

  3. Makes sense…I just really like seattle 🙂

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