On the hunt

So I’ve decided it’s time to start job hunting.  It’s always good to stay up to date on interview techniques and how businesses run when the economy is such as it is these days.

I’ve sent my resume off to a position that is a significant step up from where I’m at now, by description is an excellent fit for what I do, and likely has a significant bump in pay.  So here’s to positive thinking that an interview is in the near future.   The position has been posted for a while now but was recently renewed by the employer, so I’m hopeful they are merely holding out for a local candidate and not just recycling the posting.

I also have an interesting business opportunity, but I might have to move to The Netherlands to make it work.  That is something that is much easier to do now because since mid-September I’ve, 1. Received my EU passport and  2. I lost the 200 pounds that was holding me in the US. 

If I’m able to pull off this business proposition, it would have a HUGE upside potential for me, and anyone involved in the venture.  I’m not going to say much more than that, because you never know what spies are lurking about to steal your business ideas from you on-line.   People have a tendency to say too much in the blogosphere and leave it there for any schlub to find.  Should I be successful, you’ll know. 😉


One Response to “On the hunt”

  1. all fingers and toesies are crossed! gooooood luck!

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