Last night I was on my way to visit a friend, and as I was driving on the interstate suddenly the car in front of me did something like in this video.  Only in this case the other car didn’t escape unscathed.

There is no experience quite like driving through a rain storm and having the car in front of you spin out, face your car front-to-front while they are still going highway speed BACKWARDS, sliding off into the guard rail, coming back out into the traffic lane, glancing off the front of a big rig, then promptly getting caught in the wheel of said big rig’s flatbed trailer. 

I pulled off the side of the road and called 911 (the first time I’ve ever called it) to get the state troopers out.  I believe the driver got out and it was merely a traumatic roller coaster ride for them.  Still, it was very unsettling to see it happen in front of me.


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