Where should I move?

Let’s assume for a moment that my house sells.  When it does, where do you think I should move?

The Northwestern US calls to me in that “I really love outdoor activities” kind of way.  Other portions of my sense of adventure say I should move abroad to Europe, which is logistically difficult.  Though if I were able to find a job, perhaps I could find a flat that is fully furnished to start.

Decisions, decisions.

Truthfully?  I’m leaning about 65% Europe, 35% Northwestern US.  The problem with the European location I have in mind is that I’d probably be successful finding a job relatively quickly, but it is insanely expensive to live there.  The problem in the Northwest US is that housing is much less expensive but I would have difficulty finding a job there.

Maybe I flip a coin?  Either way, when the time comes this is going to be one heck of an adventure.


5 Responses to “Where should I move?”

  1. It sounds like you’re leaning towards moving to Europe (am I to assume Italy?)

    You can move there, get a job and see how it goes. If it doesn’t work out, you can always move back to the States.

    Do you speak Italian?

  2. I would think the NW would be better/easier. Unless you move to Europe with a job, its challenging to live here and then find work–even if you are an EU Citizen.

    But life is about living an adventure…

  3. Have you considered the Midwest? My favorite city, although I’ve visited very few, is Cincinnati, Ohio. It has professional Football and Baseball. (I hate football and baseball but in person it’s a fun time) It has a german heritage with great food and beer gardens. It has Eden park with greenhouses and Museums. What I like most of all is the Findlay old world market. The people are friendly and the music at fountain square each summer is a blast. (The price of a town house is half of what it is in seattle) There’s Chili houses and Kings Island and Big Boy restaurants with the best hamburgers on earth. (Jerry Springer was once the Mayor) It is a rivertown with old world charm. Think about it.

  4. I would never move to Cincinnati. It’s soon to be off the major air carrier network, and I’m not feeling particularly charitible to the air carrier that dominates that market.

    Not only that, but if I want to be around toothless idiots, I’ll stay where I am.

  5. Cincinnati is a pit! I attended college there and have been back twice with Phantom. It’s a dirty, gritty city with lots of racial problems. Move to the Northwest!

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