Wow, I’m good!

A little over a month ago I was on Disenchanted’s blog stating that Barack Obama would win the national election with 364 electoral votes to John McCain’s 174.  Turns out I was spot on, since it now looks like Obama WON North Carolina (by 12,163 votes) and McCain won Missouri (by 5,868 votes).  Final tally?  Obama 364-McCain 174.

I’m either damn good or darn lucky, I’m not sure which. 🙂


3 Responses to “Wow, I’m good!”

  1. Congratulations on such accuracy…


  2. disenchanted Says:

    Have they called N.C.? CNN still has it as grey.
    All I know is that I did much better than the Coach who put the Electoral College @ 280 votes. Ha! (If only Missouri had gone blue, I would have been darned close to perfect in my prediction.)

  3. @ Disenchanted: CNN has not called Missouri or North Carolina. However, since the vote spreads are more significant than Florida 2000, I allocated based on the lead with 100% of precincts in and those were the vote differences I noted in the post. Amusingly I’ve lived in both states, though Missouri was VERY brief. I lived there 2 months +/- and was there during the 1996 election, but I voted in California absentee that year.

    @TQE: I’m going with I had a lucky guess. 😉 The states that ultimately came out Obama vs. what I thought then were a different combination.

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