palin-sign-truncated1When I saw this sign I had to ask someone to take a photo of it for me, because my camera is kaput.  I really thought my readers would like this one because:

  1. The Vice President doesn’t live OR work in the White House.  The VP’s official residence in the Naval Observatory, located in the Georgetown section of Washington, DC.
  2. The Vice President is the President of the United States Senate.  While technically part of the executive branch of government, the Vice President is the leader of the upper chamber of the legislative branch.  Checks and balances, yadda, yadda.
  3. When the Vice President is working in their executive branch capacity, their office is located in the Old Executive office building adacent to, but not in, the White House.

Assuming she were elected Vice President, Sarah Palin would not be in the White House, unless maybe she was invited over for some social occasion or a meeting.

This sign leads me to believe that members of the wombat crazy party (thanks TQE) do not know how the government is structured.  *ugh*  I’m sure I’ll be roasted for this thought, but sheesh, I’m really beginning to think that to vote in a national election (President, Congressional, Senate) that people should be tested on something fundamental, IE how many branches there are in the federal government.  It’s sad when our native born citizens know less about the structure of government than the naturalized citizens do.


One Response to “Palin-McCain?”

  1. If McCain is elected he probably won’t last 4 years and Palin can shove his dead body out the back door and move her tribe into the White House. God have mercy on us all. ed

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