You must sign for this

This morning I got up early so I could go to the post office to retrieve a registered letter.  This is the first time I’ve had to visit my designated post office in years to pick something up, because I usually just have stuff delivered to my office, and my mail room people bring it to me.  No such luck with this item as I have to sign for it myself.

The slip left in my mailbox said that I could come retrieve the letter between 7:30AM and 5:00PM M-F.  I am single and have to do all this stuff myself since I don’t have free slave labor (kids) or a casalinga, so off to the post office I went.  At 7:30AM.  To retrieve the letter and get to my office on time.

One problem – the slip left in my box said they are open at 7:30 AM but the post office window in the post office building doesn’t open until 9:00AM, something the slip left in my box neglected to say.

I freaking hate this Ozzie and Harriet world I live in.  It runs like every household has a housewife that can go run errands during the day, but most households no longer have stay at home people in them anymore.  This is the biggest issue I have with living in the south – we all have to slave away, often at multiple jobs, but the the place is run like it’s 1947.

Maybe I should send the cat after it?


3 Responses to “You must sign for this”

  1. disenchanted Says:

    Trust me. That shit trips us up too. The Coach is always gone by the time the post office opens and I can never get back downtown (from work) before it closes. We usually have to wait for the weekend to retrieve it. Blah.

  2. Turns out it was a registered letter from Italy. With the fiasco I had with that process towards the end, I was slightly worried they were recalling my passport.

    Nope, just the city over there telling me my documents were recorded.


  3. Now you’re a citizen of the world. Congrats! The Postal System is ran by very sweet and level headed people. (DAmn! that was a close one CQ, we can’t aggravate anyone at the Post Office, because they’ll go…you know…Postal!)

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