Ahhhhhhh Fall!

Fall.  That season where the politicians throw so much fertilizer around that it causes a forest of Republican candidate yard signs to sprout on my street.

There is nothing quite like waking up every morning and seeing a McSame-Clueless sign outside my window.  This is the only time in my life I wished I lived in a community that had an HOA, since they usually prohibit these signs from the neighborhood.

I’d counter with an Obama sign but my house is for sale, so it’s not the best time to put a political sign in the yard.


One Response to “Ahhhhhhh Fall!”

  1. disenchanted Says:

    Wow. My block has two Obama signs and three Vote for Schools Sign.

    My street – I’ve seen three McCain signs. The rest are all Obama. But then, I live in the academic ghetto.

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