Did we really need this?

This morning at the office we had a moment of silence at 8:46 AM.  I understand the US suffered a great trauma 7 years ago today, but really, get over it drama queens! 

I have no problem with a moment of silence, but let’s have a moment of silence for the 100 times as many innocent Iraqi civilians that have been killed since then at the hands of the US Government and it’s misdirected 9-11 war. 

Oh wait, I live the center of the Christian Taliban movement!  The Iraq war was a mission from God.

Death by terrorism in the name of God or otherwise is bad, regardless who the terrorists are.


4 Responses to “Did we really need this?”

  1. BRAVO for saying IT!

  2. McBush and Tina Palin or Sara Fey or whatever her name is said that life begins at conception and all abortion is murder (even though it is legal) Yet, more than 4000 of our boys have been killed in the unjust war in Iraq. what makes the diffeence if we kill them from inside a uterus or 18 years later after they have become attached to friends and family they’re still dead. Not all deaths are murder. If the Government says it is not murder it is okay. Like soldiers killing people and Cops killing people. Not murder because it’s legal. Don’t get me wrong I’m against abortions but I don’t think it is a government decision. Just like Barstool or Bristol or whatever, Palin’s daughter had a choice but she wants to make sure we don’t have, once she gets in and kills McBush late at night in the oval office sex chair.

  3. Ed: I hate how everyone thinks she’s so beautiful…reminds me of tamy fay baker

  4. When I try to see The Queer Expatriates blog it goes to a wordpress page and demands I fill in information such as my blog name which I don’t have a blog so until that changes Adam will know why I haven’t commented in a while.

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